Bricolage | Welcome to Here

Welcome to here is a nonprofit organization that is geared to entertaining those with autism spectrum.

My task's

Shooting • Editing

PDCDC | Fashion Show

A weekly event that is sponsored by the Pittsburgh Downtown Community Development Corporation (PDCDC)

My task's

Shooting • Editing • Color Correcting

Jewish Women's Foundation

The Jewish Women's Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to empowering women and girls. 

My task's

Shooting • Lighting • Sound Recording

Scleroderma Foundation 

the Scleroderma Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness to the scleroderma disease. 

My tasks 

Editing • Motion Graphics

Energy Blast

Inspired by the fanmade live action Dragon Ball Z short film ( DBZ Light of Hope) I decided to play around with the saber plugin for after effects. for this I just keyed out the green screen and replaced it with footage of a tree I shot. I added stock flames, and the saber effect to the hand.

Lightning Speed

Again inspired by Dragon Ball Z I wanted to make someone fly to the earth. I grabbed stock photo for the earth, the moon, and space. The sun was made in after effects.  

Glowing River

to make this I used multiple layers of stock footage. the man and the foreground in, the river, the trees, and the sky were all separate layers. 

My Music Commercial

The graphic at the end was made by me. the titles and graphics on this commercial were all made in Photoshop and after effects  

Legacy Trailer

Legacy is a short film directed by Nathaniel Schaffner, Starring Franco Pinacchio and Zane Conaway. its about a man and his son who struggle to connect until they discover something they both have an interest in. 

My task's

Production Assistant • Editing

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Phone: (412) 628-0060

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